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Phirex Melbourne supplies stand-alone pressure skid modules (PSM’s) for fire fighting purposes. FOGEX PSM’s and the integral Fogex system components are all FM approved for use in combustion turbines, machinery spaces & special hazard machinery spaces up to 500m³. Under FM Approvals the system running time is 18.5 minutes for extra safety and combat ability.

Phirex offers 3 sizes of FOGEX high pressure steel internally lined cylinders for use with its PSM’s, ie 50 litres, 67 litres and 80 litres. Equivalent sizes of FOGEX high pressure dry nitrogen cylinders are also offered. Dry nitrogen gas is regulated down by a FOGEX nitrogen pressure regulator from 200 bars to ~100 bar system pressure.

FOGEX PSM’s can be either stand-alone systems where it is impractical to install a fixed pipe work system, e.g. Diesel generators or combustion turbines located in remote areas. Fogex PSM’s can also be used as a back-up water mist fire fighting system or used as a first shot system before the main fire pumps start up, e.g. for use in passenger vessels.

Phirex PSM’s find extensive applications in the food & beverage industries, eg for industrial cookers and band ovens, fat fryers and kitchen hood systems in restaurants etc.
Red cylinders are filled with water

FOGEX PSM - Cylinder Systems

  • Red cylinders are filled with water
  • Nitrogen as propellant at 200 bar
  • Cylinders with internal lining
  • 50L, 67.5L & more sizes cylinders
  • Automatic and electric actuation
  • Stand alone system
  • Extreme Low refilling costs
  • Skid comes in optional
Flammable Liquid

Extremely suitable for Flammable Liquid Stores

  • Fast extinguishment
  • Rapid cooling of surrounding area
  • Prevention of fire spread
  • Minimal water discharge
  • Completely sealed compartments not required
  • No pre-warning time
  • Washing out of toxic gases
  • Optional foam enhancement