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FOGEX® Porta-Mist®

Phirex Australia was first to invent the FOGEX® Porta-Mist® fully mobile water mist fire fighting appliances.
FOGEX® Porta-Mist® units have the advantage in that they can be easily moved towards a fire and firemen can control and extinguish the blaze without the need to start up the large fixed system. Its functionality enables full mobility to deploy in areas where a fixed fire protection system cannot be installed, e.g. service stations or refuelling depots and mobile military sites etc.

Porta-Mist® units are also handy to supplement the main fixed systems and can be deployed at the same time to target a well hidden or shielded fire. A very good example where Porta-Mist® units are extremely useful is in public multi-storey car parks to combat and extinguish burning cars that are locked up.

Phirex has demonstrated that a 40 litre Porta-Mist® unit can effectively extinguish 6 motor vehicle sedans that are fully engulfed by flames!! This is a very small amount of water consumption.

Applications or uses for FOGEX® Porta-Mist® units are numerous and diverse and several other examples are for use in underground mines and farming communities for tackling brush fires etc. For underground mine sites Phirex offers explosion proof electric driven Porta-Mist® units.