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What is Fogex?

  • Fogex is a Class 1 high pressure atomised water mist fire protection system
  • Fogex operates at 100 – 110 bars system pressure
  • Fogex is an engineered system to suit the fire hazard area
  • Fogex is a 3-Dimensional fire fighting system in contrast to 2-Dimensional conventional water sprinkler systems
  • Fogex is environmentally friendly and safe to use even in occupied spaces

How does FOGEX Work?

FOGEX nozzles produce finely atomized water mist droplets and propel these droplets into a fire zone to cause rapid cooling, heat absorption and radiant heat attenuation.Small water droplets have a large surface area to volume ratio meaning that the water droplets can absorb heat more quickly and convert to steam which removes the free oxygen away from the fire plume Small droplets also vaporize quickly to cause a rapid cooling effect inside the fire hazard area FOGEX operates similar to a gas to combat fires

  • Fogex design criteria is similar to conventional water sprinklers
  • Nozzle grid matrix is typically 3mx3m, 3mx4m or 4mx4m
  • Automatic glass bulb or open deluge Fogex nozzles can be supplied in a range of materials and finishes
  • All pipe work is 316L Stainless steel to prevent corrosion and promote system longest lifespan
  • Fogex is an engineered system to suit the individual fire hazard area
  • Fogex are tested and approved fire fighting Technology
  • Spray flux density is the quantity of water in the form of a mist within a geometric void of 1.0 cubic metre airspace at an instantaneous time period
  • Spray flux density is expressed as L/min/m³
  • Fogex spray flux density varies with room sizes although ranges from 0.08 ~ 0.5 L/min/m³
  • uses less than 10% of water compared to conventional sprinklers
  • can be activated even in occupied spaces without evacuation plan first
  • combats fires in three ways by cooling, radiant heat attenuation and oxygen depletion
  • is competitive compared to other Technologies like gaseous fire suppression agents and even water sprinklers
  • extinguishes fires very quickly thus minimising water damage, fire, smoke and heat damage
  • is easy to use and maintain compared to other Technologies
  • Smaller sized components for improved aesthetics
  • is lightweight
  • is a 3-Dimensional fire fighting Technology
  • scrubs the combustion by-products and settles these to the ground
  • has a similar footprint to gaseous fire suppressions systems

Added Safety

FOGEX® nozzles have been tested in excess of 320 bar pressure without failure meaning increased safety. FOGEX open deluge nozzles are a one-piece construction and are supplied complete with a Stainless steel filter to prevent nozzle blockage.
FOGEX® automatic glass bulb nozzles have been pressure tested up to 400 bar without failure and the glass bulb remains intact even under these severe pressures. ULI/FM bulbs are used throughout and nozzles can be supplied in various temperature activation ranges depending on application. FOGEX automatic nozzles are also supplied with internal filters.

Toxins Reduction

Live fire tests conducted by Chiltern fire & research laboratories in the UK has demonstrated that FOGEX® helps to reduce dangerous short term toxin levels associated with combustion, i.e. the Hydrogen Fluorides and Hydrogen Cyanides.
FOGEX® nozzles were selected on the basis of performance tests for installation in state penitentiaries to protect cell inmates against fires that may be deliberately lit.

Scottish Prisons Carbon Monoxide Graph Scottish Prisons Hydrogen Chloride Graph
Scottish Prisons Hydrogen Cyanide Graph Scottish Prisons Pressure Levels Graph

Fogex Smoke Scrubbing

FOGEX® water mist system "scrubs" the fire hazard area from combustion by-products, such as smoke and soot particles causing them to cascade to the ground. This assists breathing and reduces smoke damage. Independent laboratory fire testing conducted by Phirex demonstrated that Fogex assists in the reduction of Hydrogen Cyanides and Hydrogen Fluorides inside the hazard compartment thereby assisting life.

FOGEX® also remarkably reduces ambient room temperatures and gas ceiling temperatures thereby preventing flash-over phenomena.

Smoke Scrubbing Smoke Scrubbing

Safe For Humans & Environment

FOGEX® is an environmentally safe Technology and it can also be safely used in occupied spaces.
Using only pure natural water without chemical additives, FOGEX® is safe to breathe by humans. This works to good advantage because it can be activated immediately upon a fire been detected without giving a fire an opportunity to take a stronger hold and to cause more structural damage. With FOGEX®, air-tight enclosures are not required because all fire testing that has been conducted at fire & research laboratories involved open conditions without any restrictions in air supply.
FOGEX® performed remarkably well under these adverse circumstances.

Comparison charts

Safe For Humans & Environment Safe For Humans & Environment

*Depending on size and design of system installed – generally small enclosure/cabinets etc do not require auxiliary fire pump.
**FOGEX® does not produce any toxic by-products; however, evacuation is a procedural safety requirement in the event of a fire due to toxic gases being liberated as a result of combustion.