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Typical uses for FOGEX®

Typical uses for FOGEX®

Applications for FOGEX® water mist fire protection systems are diverse and varied. Essentially FOGEX was invented as a replacement for conventional water sprinklers and primarily to replace Halon gases that damage the earth’s Ozone layer and contribute to global warming. Some areas of application may include the following:

  • Marine vessels in machinery spaces etc
  • Off-shore & on-shore platforms
  • Air craft hangars
  • Hospitals and aged care hostels
  • Cinema’s and opera buildings
  • Airports and public transport buildings, sea ports etc
  • Road tunnels
  • National archive buildings, museums, libraries and places of worship
  • Rail sub-stations and railway carriages including the locomotives
  • Combustion & Gas turbines and special hazard machinery spaces
  • Penitentiaries
  • Electric transformer sub-stations
  • Nuclear Power plants
  • Underground mines & cellars
  • Computer rooms & server rooms
  • Residential dwellings
  • Schools & universities
  • Mobile & stationary large scale machinery
  • Electric Cable Tunnels
  • Military facilities
  • Warehouses and factories


  • Machinery spaces on board marine vessels or on land
  • Off-shore and on-shore platforms
  • Large warehouses, museums, libraries, churches, offices, residential apartments, shops, arcades, hotels, old aged homes, cinemas
  • Computer rooms, electric switch gear rooms, data server rooms, electric transformer substations
  • Escalator rooms and underground rail substations
  • Railways, ie locomotives and rolling stock
  • Military installations, eg aircraft hangars, command centres, ammunition storage, fuel depots, police emergency centres
  • Tyre manufacturing & rubber products storage facilities
  • Re-fuelling depots and petrol stations
  • Airports and sea ports
  • Spray paint booths
  • Tunnels and undercover car parks
  • Hospitals & penitentiaries
  • And many more…