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Fogex nozzles

Fogex nozzles

  • FOGEX® F20 nozzles have a K-factor of 0.64L/min/bar½.
  • FOGEX® F27 nozzles have a K-factor of0.53L/min/bar½.
  • FOGEX® F11 nozzles have a K-factor of 1.0L/min/bar½.
  • FOGEX® F16 nozzles have a ½ k-factor of 1.3L/min/bar.
The nozzle grid spacing is 3m x 4m on the ceiling at 5.0m height and 3mx3m at 10m height. Each FOGEX F20 nozzle has a surface area protective coverage of 17m².
For local application systems the FOGEX® F11 nozzles are used.
The F11 nozzle grid spacing is 4m x 4m with 2.0m minimum and 10.1 maximum distance from the fire source. System operating pressure is 110-120 bars for marine machinery spaces and 100 bars for land applications.
Water droplets mean value diameters (MVD) are in the Class 1 category, ie < 100μm as defined in the NFPA750 standard.

Smaller sized nozzles

Phirex Australia FOGEX® multi-orifice fog nozzles are the smallest approved water mist nozzles available on the international market place. With flow rates of just 2.3 – 13.0 litres per minute at 100 bar system pressure, the volume of water required to extinguish Class B fires in machinery spaces and Class A fires in buildings is minimal.
This translates to less water damage,greater efficiency, smaller diameter pipes and water pumps and overall less system weight and cost.

Minute water droplets

FOGEX® Technology is a Class 1 water mist system as defined by NFPA750 Standards because it produces the finest atomised water mist droplets, ie less than 100μm. It is these very fine droplets that interact in the fire zone area causing “coalescence & flocculation” of the entrained combustion by-products washing them to the ground. Generally the mean value diameter (MVD) size of FOGEX® droplets range from 1μm to 65μm as measured by independent testing laboratories.

Nozzle materials

FOGEX® nozzles are manufactured from Aluminium Nickel Bronze or Stainless steel materials depending on customer preference and specific applications. All nozzles are carefully inspected after manufacture and are flow and pressure tested prior to export as per strict Quality Assurance procedures. Both Aluminium Nickel Bronze and Stainless steel nozzles have been environmental tested and approved.


Fogex F20 Water Mist Nozzles (Open/Deluge Typed) Features

  • Solid Al. Bronze construction for added strength and reliability
  • Multi-Orifice nozzles
  • In-built Stainless steel 316 filter to prevent blockage
  • Tested and passed IMO MSC/Circ. 668/728 machinery spaces tests
  • Environmental tested by Factory Mutual Approvals project identifier No.3007879, Class 5560
  • Approved for use in marine vessels and off-shore applications by DNV, BV, ABS and Lloyd’s Register
  • Ceiling heights up to 5.0 metres
  • Nozzle grid spacing 3m x 4m
  • K-factor 0.64L/min/bar½ (6.4 L/min at 100 bar pressure)
  • 3/8” BSP thread
  • No moving or rotating parts inside to become blocked or seized
  • Suitable for protection of machinery spaces (marine and land) and industrial hazards, combustion & gas turbine enclosures etc
  • ISO 9001 Quality Approved merchandise
  • EC Directives 96/98/EC Certified wheel marked


Fogex FA20 Water Mist Nozzles Features

  • Al. Bronze construction for added safety and reliability
  • Internal Stainless steel 316 filter to prevent nozzle blockage
  • Choice of glass temperature bulbs, eg 57°C, 68°C etc
  • No moving or rotating internal parts to become blocked or seized
  • Small size and lightweight for enhanced aesthetics
  • Grid spacing 3m x 4m maximum
  • Maximum ceiling height of up to 5.0 metres
  • K-factor 0.64L/min/bar½ (6.4 L/min at 100 bar pressure)
  • Working pressure between 100 – 110 bars
  • Test pressure 320 bars
  • Single fluid nozzle
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assured merchandise
  • Suitable for hotels/motels, offices, computer suites, residential dwellings, fat fryers,machinery spaces, industrial hazards, historical buildings, libraries etc
  • BSP 3/8” thread