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Product Approvals

Fogex nozzle

FOGEX® is approved by the following Classification Societies and organizations

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Quality assurance

Fogex Research & development

Phirex Australia is an ISO9001:2008 Quality Assured company and has attained QA Systems accreditation in 1998. All aspects of design, manufacture, supply, installation,commissioning and servicing is carried out strictly in accordance with our Quality Assurance Procedures.

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Added safety

Fogex Performance

FOGEX® nozzles have been tested in excess of 320 bar pressure without failure meaning increased safety. FOGEX open deluge nozzles are a one-piece construction and are supplied complete with a Stainless steel filter to prevent nozzle blockage.

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Smoke scrubbing

Uses for fogex

FOGEX® water mist system “scrubs” the fire hazard area from combustion by-products, such as smoke and soot particles causing them to cascade to the ground.

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Toxins reduction

Fogex Installation & Service

Live fire tests conducted by Chiltern fire & research laboratories in the UK has demonstrated that FOGEX® helps to reduce dangerous short term toxin levels associated with combustion, i.e. the Hydrogen Fluorides and Hydrogen Cyanides.

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Humans & environment

Fogex Performance

FOGEX® is an environmentally safe Technology and it can also be safely used in occupied spaces. Using only pure natural water without chemical additives, FOGEX® is safe to breathe by humans.

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