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Advantages of Fogex

  • uses less than 10% of water compared to conventional sprinklers
  • can be activated even in occupied spaces without evacuation plan first
  • combats fires in three ways by cooling, radiant heat attenuation and oxygen depletion
  • is competitive compared to other Technologies like gaseous fire suppression agents and even water sprinklers
  • extinguishes fires very quickly thus minimising water damage, fire, smoke and heat damage
  • is easy to use and maintain compared to other Technologies
  • Smaller sized components for improved aesthetics
  • is lightweight
  • is a 3-Dimensional fire fighting Technology
  • scrubs the combustion by-products and settles these to the ground
  • has a similar footprint to gaseous fire suppressions systems

Added Advantages of Water Mist System

Protection of Lives & Property And Protection of Environmente
  • Safe to people & environment
  • No decomposition product (HF or HCL gas) which is hazardous to people & equipment.
  • Safe to electrical & electronic equipment.
  • Minimal water usage (<10% of sprinkler).
  • Effective & rapid in extinguishing fire.
Reliable in Performance
  • FOGEX Nozzles had passed the performance reliability tests by FM.
  • Equipment had passed few hundred-cycle tests by FM to ensure performance reliability.
  • Nozzle fitted with stainless steel filter in individual nozzle to prevent blockage. (tested in FM with some orifices in a nozzle purposely blocked yet still effective)
Cost Effectiveness
  • No future phased-out or regulated date.
  • Easily available (water & nitrogen).
  • Low cost agents (water & nitrogen)
  • Low refilling cost.
  • Low clean up cost.
  • Minimum maintenance cost.
  • Stainless steel tubing & fittings.
Gaseous Systems Do Not Have
  • Smoke scrubbing effect (remove smoke) Binding of smoke particles by mist droplets. Washing out of gases (eg. HCL) via huge reaction surface. → Less contamination by smoke
  • Fire extinguishing effect not affected by ventilation (with door & window opened)
Additional Safety Feature
  • Nitrogen pressure status monitoring feature
  • Confirmation of system discharge signal
  • Fittings used are recommended with high pressure compression type
  • Cylinder valves are incorporated with safety feature to absorb back pressure during discharge